International Camps

2020 Yoder International Winter Camp – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Yoder Bilingual Academy and Yoder International Academy joined together to offer 2020 International Winter Camp to Vancouver, Canada during this winter break. Gr 4~9 students (and siblings of the same age group) are encouraged to participate in this educational trip. 《Winter Program Guide》《Application Form》 Information:  Trip Date: Jan. 26 ~ Feb. 8, 2020 (14 days) […]

2017 Yoder International Summer Camp – Day 15

》活動照片《 On our last full day in England, we traveled to the English county of Berkshire to visit the iconic Windsor Castle.   As the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world, this architectural masterpiece has housed British kings and queens for nearly 1,000 years.  Even today, her Majesty the Queen still frequents the castle […]

2017有得海外夏令營 Day 13

》Photo Album《 While the Changing of the Guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace is one of the greatest displays of British pageantry, it is a majestic affair which draws massive crowds, making it nearly impossible for children to enjoy.  Thus, on this beautiful, Friday morning, we decided to avert the overzealous tourists and instead visit the […]

2017有得海外夏令營 Day 11

》Photo Album《 It is rather difficult to imagine how quickly our time in London has flown by. However, the most beautiful moments in our lives always seem to accelerate and slip beyond our grasp.  It almost feels like yesterday when we had just arrived at Heathrow International Airport and were immediately shuttled over to Chessington […]

2017 Yoder International Summer Camp – Day 7

》Photo Album《 We could not have picked a better day to visit the beautiful city of Cambridge – a world renowned university town, steeped in rich history and prestige.   The cobblestone streets are lined with beautiful architecture and quaint churches dating back to the year AD 1,000.   The River Cam traverses through the University […]

2017 Yoder International Summer Camp – Day 5

》Photo Album《 After a half day of school at Chessington Community College, our Yoder students ventured into the ‘Big Smoke.’  We took the National Rail Train from Chessington South Station to Vauxhall station.  From there, we boarded a double decker bus which transported us directly to Wesminster.  As I glanced up in the sky, there […]

2017有得海外夏令營 – Day 3

》活動照片《 On the third day of Yoder’s summer camp in London, our students became more familiar with both their buddies and Britain’s education system.  At Chessington Community College, classes commence at 8:30am – followed by a 20 minute break in the morning and  a 40 minute lunch break.  All students are promptly dismissed from school […]

2017 Yoder International Summer Camp – Day 1

》Photo Album 《 As I embark on Yoder’s 2017 summer adventure to London, UK, one thing above others rests  heavily in my mind – how to begin this important journal entry? I pondered whether to start with an intellectual speech from Sir Winston Churchill or perhaps an endearing quote from non other than, the epic writer, […]

2017 Yoder International Summer Camp – London Trip (Update Daily)

After the send-off event at the Taoyuan International Airport on July 2nd, the “2017 Yoder International Summer Camp” group is heading to the largest city in Europe – London, United Kingdom. The following is the daily updates of the trip. Day 1 – Departing for London, UK Day 2 – Arrived to Chessington Community College, London […]