Sign Up Today! 2019 Winter Bicycle Trip – East Coast of Taiwan

Yoder Bilingual Academy is organizing a bicycle trip to East Coast of Taiwan (Hualin County and Taidong County). Here is the trip info: Days: January 10~14, 2019 Total mileage: ~387KM Who can join: Gr. 5~9 students Recruitment seminar is scheduled for 6:30PM on Dec 24, 2018 Please find the trip details below : 2019冬令鐵騎花東自行車下載 For more information, […]

Elementary & International Program After School Classes

為了增進孩童多元課程內容選擇,本校特別為孩子們開設各式豐富的課後才藝班,豐富孩子的學校生活。聘請優良師資及專業領域老師,帶領孩子從程式語言、自然實驗、雙語、銜接國際教育等課程中,培養孩子的課外能力,協助孩子人格的發展,增添孩子對學習的樂趣! 本學期的課後才藝班資訊如下:

2019 Grade 1 Experience Day Event for K3 Kindergartners

Registration Time:Oct. 5 ~ Nov. 14, 2018 Sign Up Method:Online Registration Page (Step by Step Registration Manual) Registration Fee:NT$500 Day of the Event: 8:30~12:00 on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018 Activities: In-Class group Activity Stations:English Storytelling, interacting with our teachers and DIY arts & craft activities. Campus Tour and Q&A session. A parenting seminar is scheduled for […]

Results of 2018 Taoyuan City High School Entrance Exam

Congratulations to all grade 9 students of the Class of 2018. Of the 46 graduates, 54% have received the admission to DaYuan International High School or above, which is 25% better than Class of 2017 a year ago. In addition, 80% of all recent graduates received the admission to numerous public high schools in Taoyuan […]