2020 Yoder International Winter Camp – Vancouver, BC, Canada   Recently updated !

Yoder Bilingual Academy and Yoder International Academy joined together to offer 2020 International Winter Camp to Vancouver, Canada during this winter break. Gr 4~9 students (and siblings of the same age group) are encouraged to participate in this educational trip. 《Winter Program Guide》《Application Form》 Information:  Trip Date: Jan. 26 ~ Feb. 8, 2020 (14 days) […]

[FULL] Gr. 1 Experience Camp on Nov 16th ~   Recently updated !

【名額已滿,如欲候補,請來電03-4522118】 網路報名:108年10月02日(星期三)至11月12日(星期二)截止。 報名網址:線上報名表 http://apply.yoderedu.org/ 活動費用:新臺幣500元整。 活動日期:108年11月16日(星期六)08:30-12:00。 活動對象:目前大班的小朋友。 活動內容: 團體認知體驗活動。 校園闖關活動:英語互動體驗、英語故事屋、快樂動手做。 校園巡禮、有獎徵答。 體驗活動當日辦理小一家長說明會及親職講座,歡迎家長踴躍參加。 ~名額有限,盡速報名~

Week 1 – Bio-Tech Camp

Please find photo albums of the bio-tech camp below: Day 1 & 2 on-site program Day 3 ~ 5 (3-day field trip)

2019 Yoder Spelling Bee Contest

The annual Yoder Spelling Bee Contest is scheduled for June 3 and 4, 2019. Word List: Spelling Bee word list Contest Time and Date: Grade Date Time Grade 2~4 June 3rd, 2019 Period 1~2 Grade 5~6 (includes Class 6C) Period 3~4 Middle School Level G, H, I, Class 7C, 8C and 9C June 4th, 2019 […]