Yoder Siblings Win Two Gold Medals in 2019 International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX) in Malaysia

Congratulations to Yoder siblings Hana and Hans Lin on winning two Gold Medal awards in the recent 2019 International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition that takes place in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lin’s award winning inventions are “Aquarium Water Cleaning Appliances” and “Flow Cage for Emergency”. For more information, please check out the links listed at […]

Sign Up Today! 2019 Winter Bicycle Trip – East Coast of Taiwan

Yoder Bilingual Academy is organizing a bicycle trip to East Coast of Taiwan (Hualin County and Taidong County). Here is the trip info: Days: January 10~14, 2019 Total mileage: ~387KM Who can join: Gr. 5~9 students Recruitment seminar is scheduled for 6:30PM on Dec 24, 2018 Please find the trip details below : 2019冬令鐵騎花東自行車下載 For more information, […]

Elementary & International Program After School Classes

為了增進孩童多元課程內容選擇,本校特別為孩子們開設各式豐富的課後才藝班,豐富孩子的學校生活。聘請優良師資及專業領域老師,帶領孩子從程式語言、自然實驗、雙語、銜接國際教育等課程中,培養孩子的課外能力,協助孩子人格的發展,增添孩子對學習的樂趣! 本學期的課後才藝班資訊如下: