Congratulations to three Yoder students who made in to the Final Round of ICRT Junior DJ Contest

Yoder students performed will in the recent ICRT (FM 100) Radio Station’s English DJ Contest. According to ICRT, over 600 students from all over Taiwan participate in this year’s English DJ Contest. Out of these 600ish contestants, three Yoder students made into the final round of the event, which is scheduled for October 21, 2017. These students include:

  • Katie Chou (周凱琪) of Class 6C
  • Clement Hsu (徐鈺翔) of Class 7C
  • Marcus Hsieh (謝長融) of Class 7C

Before the final round of contest on October 21, Katie, Clement and Marcus are invited for ICRT’s station tour on October 14th. Once again, congratulations to all three of them on their most recent progress.

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