Yoder Receives Cambridge English Language Assessment “Cambridge Outstanding School Award”

The University of Cambridge is known worldwide for their English proficiency exams. The first Cambridge English Proficiency Exams took place in 1913. That is more than a century ago. The first exam had three candidates and was 12 hours long! Interestingly, all three candidates failed.

Fast forward to 2016 and the University of Cambridge now has 20 different English Proficiency Exams to choose from. These exams are taken by over 5 million people across the world each year.

Five years ago, we at Yoder Bilingual Academy started enrolling our Grade 1 to Grade 6 students in the Cambridge Young Learners English tests (YLE). It has grown from just a few students the first year to almost 80% of our students now enrolling for this test each year. Furthermore, our students tend to perform very well on these exams.

At Yoder Bilingual Academy we currently enroll students for the following YLE exams:

  • YLE Starters (Pre-level to A1)
  • YLE Movers (A1)
  • YLE Flyers (A2)
  • KET for Schools (A1 – B1)
  • PET for Schools (A2 – B2)
  • FCE for Schools (B1 – C1)

Each year we set aside time in our curriculum in order to prepare our students for the YLE exams. Our school campus is also registered as a testing center for Cambridge YLE, making it very convenient for students and parents alike. We were recently recognized by Cambridge English Language Assessment for our role as one of the top schools in preparing students to take the YLE exams.