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For 2018-2019 school year, we are accepting elementary (grade 1) and middle school (grade 7) freshmen as well as transfer students of all grade level. The following provides a brief description of two pathways in our middle school division. 

Local Applicants:(03) 452-2789 Ext 212、215
International Applicants: +886-3452-2789 Ext 516


Bilingual & Gr.6 International Classes

Middle School

Bilingual & International Classes

High School

Coming Soon – Fall, 2019

Transfer Student

Online Application

Phone: +8863-452-2789 Ext. 212

Email: [email protected]


  •  國小部及國中部入學申請開放報名!請點以下入學申請資訊:
    • Elementary (Gr. 1 Freshmen) – 
      • Gr. 1 Experience Day for K3 Students: Coming soon~
    • Middle School  (Gr. 7 Freshmen) – 
      • Information seminars for 2018-2019 admission:
        • First Session: March 9, 2019
        • Second Session: March 23, 2019
      • Entrance Exam: Coming Soon! 
    • Transfer Students – 因Please fill out the online Application for Transfer Students

The following provides a brief description of two pathways in our middle school division. 

  1. Bilingual Class – 延伸本校國小部雙語教育課程,強化中、英雙語之聽說讀寫專長能力,並以輔導升學前三志願為目標。
    • Students are assigned to a class based on their English proficiency level. Additionally, our middle school English classes are instructed by Yoder’s English teachers. 
    • English Elective courses, which include Maker’s Class – 3D Design & Printing, Yoder Crime Scene Investigation, Junior Entrepreneurship, Junior News Reporter.
    • Acquisition of second foreign languages (Spanish or Japanese). 
    • Focus on math and science, information technology and robotics programs. 
    • The technology and invention class is instructed by Mr. Guan, a well-known teacher in Northern Taiwan. 
    • Prepare students for science expo and international invention exhibitions/competitions.
  2. International Class – 培養全球宏觀視野與國際移動力,輔導兼具國際與國內升學發展能力。(Link:Facebook Page
    • Our international program provides the full US curriculum while retaining the advantages of the local education – Chinese (中文) and math in Chinese (數學). 
      • Subjects instructed in English include language arts (English), math, science, social studies, STEAM, and PE/health.
    • First program in Taoyuan to mandate STEAM & English Drama courses.
    • Project-based learning (PBL)
    • Cloud-based multimedia instruction
    • Optional Chinese subjects, which include Taiwan’s science and social studies classes are offer on a daily-basis to assist students who want to take the high school entrance exam few years down the road. 
    • Students of Yoder’s International Program are encouraged to participate in Yoder’s International Winter & Summer Camps. 

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