2021 Yoder English Contest

The annual Yoder English Speech Contest took place on December 29, 2021. Congratulations to all the award recipients listed below.


Grade Class Name Placement


1C Jasper 曾靖睿 Champion
1B Colin 林裕佳 Second Place
1A Anderson 李秉祐 Third Place
1C Jenny 陳婕寧 Outstanding Award
1A Ivanka 林暐甯 Excellence Award
1B Sunny 林葦晴 Enthusiasm Award
G2 2A Derek 郭得豪 Champion
2B Emily 陳姳亘 Second Place
2A Georgia 楊凡誼 Third Place
2C Jonathan 林柏任 Outstanding Award
2B Ethan 陳允逸 Excellence Award
2C Freya 陳衍亭 Enthusiasm Award
G3 3A Olivia 張媛涵 Champion
3B Jennifer 陳晏珍 Second Place
3B Jeramy 劉子維 Third Place
3A Amily 曾奕瑾 Outstanding Award
3C Ocean 張宇洋 Outstanding Award
3C Emily 江家萱 Enthusiasm Award
G4 4C Aliston 楊以謙 Champion
4B Michelle 洪瑋 Second Place
4C Dragon 張太洋 Third Place
4B Elaine 曾羽彤 Outstanding Award
4A Cynthia 徐晨晞 Excellence Award
4A Elsa 高子淳 Enthusiasm Award
G5 5A Zoe 張秉沂 Champion
5A Myron 葉紀元 Second Place
5C Kyra 許溱祐 Third Place
5C Rebecca 張語恩 Outstanding Award
5B Sophia 蔡孟芯 Excellence Award
5B Tiger 張子洋 Excellence Award
G6 6B Doris 梁之盈 Champion
6A Aimee 黃苡甄 Second Place
6A Chelsea 黎詩琦 Third Place
6B Anny 彭郁茹 Outstanding Award


Class Name Placement
8B Sara 劉依雯 Champion
8A Sharon 鍾彤 Second Place
7A Diego 王金程 Third Place
8A Mia 何秉芹 Outstanding Award
7B Sean 張禮賢 Excellence Award
7B Chloe 許子嫻 Enthusiasm Award
8B Amy 曾湘芸 Enthusiasm Award
7B Bella 周于茜 Enthusiasm Award
7A Kitty 楊靜軒 Enthusiasm Award
7A Erica 黃湘芸 Enthusiasm Award
8B Tina 陳郁婷 Enthusiasm Award
8A Alice 吳宛樺 Enthusiasm Award