2020 Yoder English Contest   Recently updated !

2020 Yoder English Contest took place on March 5 and 6. Congratulations to the following students:

《Photo Album》Day 1 (3/5/2020) and Day 2 (3/6/2020)

Grade Placement Class English Name Chinese Name
First 3A Irene 李芊瑩
Second 3C Rebecca 張語恩
Third 3C Josie 吳絲喬
Outstanding 3A Sean 簡玄翰
Excellent 3B Hans 吳翰
Enthusiasm 3B Yumi 李羽婕
First 4B Chelsea 黎詩琦
Second 4B Chloe 范姜傳茵
Third 4A Doris 梁之盈
Outstanding 4A Ina 陳奕芸
First 5A Diego 王金程
Second 5B Grace 林玟伶
Third 5A Zoe 黃若華
Outstanding 5B Summer 許綺恆
First 6B Vincent 李宗岳
Second 6B Sara 劉依雯
Third 6A Anna 汪語欣
Outstanding 6A Sandy 謝佩珊
Middle School
Class A & Class D
First 7B Ariel 邱語歆
Second 8B Brian 陳威儒
Third 7A Edward 陳恩沃
Middle School
Class B & Class E
First 7A Jim 鄭雋曦
Second 8A Rebecca 芮宇璿
Third 7B Alice 林湘晴
Outstanding 8A Ben 劉丞祐

《Photo Album》Day 1 (3/5/2020) and Day 2 (3/6/2020)

Video Clips of the Contest

Class / Student Name

Video Clip

2B Candice https://youtu.be/MRmAFGF-zN4
2C Aliston https://youtu.be/BfHjjyYHk-4
1A Jeramy https://youtu.be/Tz-xBqlXrrU
2A Elaine https://youtu.be/rWWPOsusk2w
1C Jennifer https://youtu.be/ttaR6_Ng_0w
2B Olyvia https://youtu.be/kU9-H2UMz2w
1B Olivia https://youtu.be/NxRoo1A1yjY
1B Allen Tsai https://youtu.be/T2nh5roHq1k
1A Ryan https://youtu.be/iz52YF9g5FA
2C Tracy https://youtu.be/JJyGygg3PrA
1C Emily https://youtu.be/Iwv6LI4FMtU
2A Emma https://youtu.be/7WVAFATJ8To
3B Yumi https://youtu.be/ZX57USe3Ekg
3C Josie https://youtu.be/2DQi_TXZop4
4A Ina https://youtu.be/QiDUXKKIEc8
3C Rebecca https://youtu.be/5i96wTMawOA
4B Chelsea https://youtu.be/EO5aJo07mxI
4B Chloe https://youtu.be/UvDywRbyZdg
3A Sean https://youtu.be/zXP8Nrc8Qr8
4A Doris https://youtu.be/fGVak7e3yHo
3A Irene https://youtu.be/EKS8KHWpWhE
3B Hans https://youtu.be/0OW1Fz_frUA
5A Zoe https://youtu.be/zsHrULZ-cPw
6A Sandy https://youtu.be/JrydD1gsjj8
6B Sara https://youtu.be/j2d5CgZ122Y
6B Vincent https://youtu.be/hxxUVnlE0bc
5B Summer https://youtu.be/71oU5aA0DCA
5A Diego https://youtu.be/JNiWfKCy89k
6A Anna https://youtu.be/9y9enIDps3A
8A Rebecca https://youtu.be/BM4qV8HL_fc
7B Alice https://youtu.be/xvSFJI7b_84
7A Edward https://youtu.be/tVYX10et1TI
8A Ben https://youtu.be/EkPhWlsXSoY
7B Ariel https://youtu.be/s_T6OhQDArs
8B Brian https://youtu.be/3U2DpGvlV14
7A Jim https://youtu.be/E-HRatHDzEg
7B Neil https://youtu.be/HUPP41KwF5E
7A Marcia https://youtu.be/YawZfjbsP8w

《Photo Album》Day 1 (3/5/2020) and Day 2 (3/6/2020)