2019 Grade 1 Experience Day Event for K3 Kindergartners   Recently updated !

Registration Time:Oct. 5 ~ Nov. 14, 2018 Sign Up Method:Online Registration Page (Step by Step Registration Manual) Registration Fee:NT$500 Day of the Event: 8:30~12:00 on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018 Activities: In-Class group Activity Stations:English Storytelling, interacting with our teachers and DIY arts & craft activities. Campus Tour and Q&A session. A parenting seminar is scheduled for […]

Results of 2018 Taoyuan City High School Entrance Exam

Congratulations to all grade 9 students of the Class of 2018. Of the 46 graduates, 54% have received the admission to DaYuan International High School or above, which is 25% better than Class of 2017 a year ago. In addition, 80% of all recent graduates received the admission to numerous public high schools in Taoyuan […]

Congratulations to Marcus Hsieh (7th Grade) for Scoring Close to 800 on SAT Math

Marcus Hsieh, a 7th grade student at Yoder Bilingual Academy’s International Division, has been awarded the Grand Honors Award by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Gifted Youth (CTY). He received this prestigious award by scoring an impressive 790 out of 800 on the SAT in Mathematics and an SAT composite score of 1490 out […]

2018 Middle School Graduation Trip to Australia

2018有得國中部畢業旅行於6月22日晚間啟程前往澳洲,進行8日的學習訪問之旅。預祝8年級的學長學姐們快樂出門滿載而歸,留下一個美好的回憶。以下為活動照片: Day 1 – 6/22/2018 – 啟程前往澳洲布里斯本 Day 2 – 6/23/2018 – 布里斯本市區一日遊、喬治王廣場、南岸河濱公園、庫莎山 (Mt. Coottha)    Day 3 – 6/24/2018 – 黃金海岸 – 夢幻公園DreamWorld     Day 4 – 6/25/2018 – 黃金海岸 – 澳式傳統農莊與綿羊無尾熊邂逅 Day 5 – 6/26/2018 – ANZ奧林匹克球場、藍山國家公園、回音谷瞭望台、三姐妹岩、礦坑纜車、景觀纜車、森林步道   Day 6 – 6/27/2018 – 雪梨港灣大橋、麥爵里夫人石椅、海德公園、聖瑪麗大教堂、雪梨歌劇院、雪梨塔、4D動感電影、雪梨港灣夜遊船   Day 7 – 6/28/2018 – 澳洲學校交流、皇家植物園、新南威爾斯藝術館、岩石區、返回台灣     

2018 Middle School Graduation Trip to Australia

Apply Today!! English teachers needed for 2018-2019 school year

Established in 2010, Yoder Bilingual Academy (YBA) is a fast-growing private elementary and junior high school in Zhongli District, Taoyuan City. As an elite bilingual program in the region, our International Department currently has 16 qualified faculty members from Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. For the 2018-2019 school […]